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We work with you to build a customized financial strategy based on your situation and desired goals.
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Through LPL Financial, Mosaic advisors offer a wide range of comprehensive financial planning services.


Comprehensive Wealth Management

Our comprehensive wealth management services are built on holistic financial planning and integrated investment management. Working closely with you, we’ll start by establishing and defining the client/planner relationship.

Once we’ve gathered data and set goals, we’ll analyze and evaluate your financial status and information, develop strategies, and implement your plan. From there, we’ll monitor the plan closely and make adjustments as necessary.

Investment Management

Mosaic provides ongoing advice and portfolio management related to the investment of your funds-based overall assets, risk analysis, stated concerns, and short/long term objectives.

Portfolios may include any or all of the following: Individual Equities, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Municipal and Corporate Bonds, Government Securities, and other investment products.
Asset Management • Investment Advice • Cash Flow Planning • Retirement Income Planning • TaX Planning Strategies • Insurance Analysis & Implementation • Health & Long-Term Care Solutions • Social Security Claiming Strategies • Estate Planning Strategies
We are happy to collaborate with your attorney, CPA or any other advisors you may have at your request.
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Our Philosophy

At Mosaic Capital Management, we believe true financial planning is about planning ahead - for tomorrow, for next year and for future generations.

Our core values are at the HEART of everything we do.


Not all financial solutions are created equal. Our approach is centered on a comprehensive and customized solution for all of your financial goals.


We’ve built our reputation on great relationships and consistent results over a long period of time. You can count on Mosaic for experience-tested solutions.


You’re looking to us for clear and sensible direction in every area of your financial portfolio, and that is a responsibility we take seriously.


Unlike many firms, our approach with every client is one where a personal connection and professional service are intrinsically tied together. Our clients are our friends.


At Mosaic, we believe that trust is earned every day…through excellent service, consistent expectations, and reliable communication.


True financial planning is about thinking ahead. Looking to tomorrow as well as the years, decades and generations to come.

It’s about creating a unified plan that ensures every element of your financial situation fits together to help make your goals a reality.
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We believe that markets are highly efficient.

We work hard to quickly incorporate the complex network of information, investor options, expectations and human behavior into every customized strategy.

With this in mind, we focus on the following areas when recommending portfolios to our clients:

Asset Allocation

Investors are rewarded in proportion to the risk they take. Developing an appropriate asset allocation for your unique situation is the first of many important steps in constructing a portfolio. Asset allocation does not ensure profit or protect against loss, but it is a critical part of any functional financial strategy.



Diversification is an essential tool available to investors. It enables you to capture broad market forces while reducing the excessive and uncompensated risk that arises with individual securities and market timing strategies. While diversification does not guarantee greater performance or eliminate market risk, it is often recommended as a balanced investment decision.


Portfolio Construction

We review and analyze investments based on expenses, style drift, turnover ratio, and risk-adjusted return.



Fees and costs are very important in investment decisions. You don’t always get what you pay for when it comes to investment products, and there are several parameters to analyze when determining the total costs/fees of any investment offering you may be considering.


Tax Efficiency

Tax implications are a key component that we take into consideration when creating solutions and implementing portfolios for investors. 


Global Investments

Building a globally diversified portfolio helps minimize or eliminate the burden of idiosyncratic, uncompensated risks. International investing involves its own set of special risks such as currency fluctuation and political instability, so it may not be suitable for all investors.

Our process is both analytical and advisory.

It involves an evaluation of your current financial situation, as well as recommendations in various areas, based on your personal financial goals. In developing your comprehensive financial plan, we consider many factors, including asset allocation, diversification, costs, and tax efficiency.

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During our on-going client relationship, Your personalized financial plan may involve any or all of the following areas. We don't believe in one size fits all.
Your personalized financial plan may involve any or all of the following areas:
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    Investment portfolio analysis and recommendations
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    Assessment of overall and individual portfolio risk
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    Asset management
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    Cash Flow assessment and planning
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    Retirement Income Planning
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    Tax Planning Strategies
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    Charitable Gifting strategies
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    Education Planning
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    Estate analysis and multigenerational asset transfer strategies
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    Insurance evaluation: Life, Healthcare, Disability, Long Term Care
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    Online account access
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    customized review schedules
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    unlimited access to advisor for questions and reviews

Investment is an opportunity. Mosaic helps you make the most of it.

Life happens.™

Using analytics and time-tested methodology, we are committed to the implementation, monitoring and fine-tuning of your plan in an ever-changing world.

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